Weekend 44: Currently


watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown… new episodes, repeats, all of them. I love his honesty and his truth and really just him.

started season 2 of Stranger Things and wishing I was a kid in the 80’s. I’m sure my mother would say, “Ugh why?” haha, but it just seemed like a simpler time.

thinking a great drinking game would be binge watching the first season of Stranger Things and having to take a drink every time they say Will’s name, because it’s a lot.

feeling very proud of my 7 mile run today. The last mile was a lot of walking, but my hips were sore and that hill was huge. Can’t wait to continue working on these 7 miles and seeing where I can get to next.

looking forward to pumpkin season being over because every recipe I find is pumpkin this and pumpkin that and no thank you.

listening to Demi Lovato every day. Who am I?

decided on a goal for the last two months in 2017 and thinking about some new goals for 2018.

waiting on my sister’s birthday gift to ship. I ordered it in August and it has YET to ship. Her birthday is in 11 days. I ordered my Dad’s birthday gift on Thursday (his birthday is in 5 days) and got it in the mail on Friday… figure that one out would yah.

forgetting that Tuesday is Halloween, but also not really caring? Is that okay?

wearing oversized hoodies, thick socks and comfy pants all weekend. Fall has finally arrived in full force and one of the best parts is layering all of the clothes. One of the worst parts is still being cold after all the layers. *cough* my office *cough*

Have a safe Halloween, friends. Keep an eye out for those kiddos if you’re out driving during trick or treating hours.