Maid of Honor


I barely remember a time in my life when Julia wasn’t in it and I’m certain my sister and brother can’t. When I received her official card in the mail asking me to be her maid of honor I was beaming. The card was perfect for us and I was honored to accept. I can’t imagine seeing someone else stand beside her on her special day and I can’t wait to help her get there.

I could go on and on in this short post about our friendship, but I can’t give everything away. After all I have a speech to prepare over the next year. Julia is more than my best friend. She’s my family. She’s been there for me when through deaths in the family, when I needed to cry over a boy, accomplishments, birthdays, happy moments, vacations, concerts, etc. She’s been involved in more of my family holidays than I can count. She’s my best friend. We can talk every day and see each other all the time or go days without a text or weeks without seeing each other and it makes no difference to our friendship.

I’m so incredibly happy she found Martin and that he’s such a great person. I can’t wait to help them start their life together and watch them grow together in the years to come.



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