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Christmas in the Woods && the Farmer’s Market of My Dreams


Another awesome weekend is in the books. I took PTO Friday. I’ve needed a mental health day for a few weeks, but I also knew after the concert Tuesday night I’d be beat. I was. When I take a day off I like to get my chores done. Sounds silly, but it allows me to enjoy the rest of the weekend with them out of the way. I went to the 9:30 Crossfit class at my gym and my favorite coaches were coaching. Yay! I’m used to having a whole day in between classes so I was a little nervous returning to the gym 12 hours later. I ended up having a great workout and left glowing. It was confirmed come Saturday that it was in fact a good workout… let’s just say my bum was very sore. haha I had planned on grocery shopping right after my workout, but I STUNK. So home to shower I went before running down to PPG Paints Arena. I had to go pick up my pre race packet. Just picking up my bib was exciting. I ran my errands and home to meal prep I went.

I made chili this week! I was craving chili a month or so ago and I found this super easy Turkey Chili recipe on Ambitious Kitchen’s website. It’s sooo good! Who doesn’t love a recipe that involves dumping everything into one pot and letting it simmer?

Saturday morning I got up early and headed to Columbiana, Ohio for their Christmas in the Woods festival. This year my mom, sister and friend Katie went. We hit some decent traffic on the way in. That’s not something we’ve dealt with the last two years, but we eventually made it. There was a lot of people, but it’s usually pretty busy. I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed shopping. I’d also be lying if I said I enjoyed crowds. However, I do enjoy being outside on a nice day with friends and family. I also went to buy two very specific items and to hit up this awesome farmers market we stumbled across a few years back.


If you know me at all you know I love butterflies. Love. Them. Last year I stumbled upon the Insect Creatures both where I bought my first butterfly. I knew this year I had to go back for another one. I’m still hoping to get a Monarch at some point from them. There’s nothing better than a bright orange butterfly. I also have a thing for bees. Bumble bees and honey bees. Mainly because bees are so important and I freaking love honey. I would like to have my own hives at some point. A stop at the Bumbleberry Farms booth to grab my three favorite honey spreads was a must. They’re so good!

After we left the festival we stopped at the best part! The reason I go every year! The farmers market. We found this little family owned farmers market off a back country road a few years ago and I fell in love. The prices are insane! An entire pail of red peppers for 5 dollars? I mean what? A single red pepper at Giant Eagle will set you back almost 5 dollars. I told the young girl that works there that I wished they were my neighbors so I could buy all of my food from them. What I really wish is that I had my own farm that produced beautiful produce. I swear I was either a farmer/farmers wife in a past life or it’s in my future. It’s calling me.

After the market we headed home. It was a nice day and I’m really happy I go to spend time with my mom, sister and Katie. See you next year, Columbiana!



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