The Best Weekend


I had the best weekend. I was feeling really burnt out towards the end of last week. It was affecting my mood and I was feeling extra sensitive. Because of this I went to hot yoga on my way home from work Friday. It was needed and definitely was the right choice. I go pretty hard with my work outs 4-5 days out of the week and I forget that you need those active recovery days. It took my body some time to adjust, but once it did it felt amazing. I think the best part of the class was when the instructor cracked the door to the outside and it felt like someone popped the 98 degree bubble we were in. It. Felt. Amazing. What’s funny to me about hot yoga is I don’t even notice how hot it is until the sweat is dripping off of me. My focus is on the movements, my balance and the relaxation that comes along with it.


Saturday morning I headed out early with my Mom and best friend Julia. We headed to Titusville with a little bit of a plan, but ended up squashing that plan and going to camp. My Great Great Grandma lived in Leeper, PA. When my Mom was little my family would always go up and stay with her on the weekends. When she died the house was left to my Great Grandpap and his sister. His sister ended up selling her portion to my three great uncles and now two of them own the house. The memories in and around this house are indescribable. I have very few of my own memories, but the photos I have of my parents and family up there on the weekends are some of my favorite. The stories they tell about camp are some of my favorite. They spent most weekends at camp just drinking, shooting, riding 4 wheelers and jeeps and bar hopping (in no particular order). The amount of people they used to get into that house (if they didn’t pass out back by the fire so I’m told) is comical. My great uncles, my parents and my older cousins would spend all this time at camp and my Great Grandma was always with them. She would just do her own thing. She would clean, take care of the house, fish, tan and most importantly cook for everyone. I’m so jealous of the time they all got to spend up there. The fun they had. The memories aren’t even mine and I cherish them.


We showed up unexpectedly, but that’s how it works with my family. There’s never a real plan (something that drives me crazy). We all stood around admiring my Great Uncle Wyatt’s new to him 1943 IH Farmall Tractor.



After the tractor admiration was done we headed out for lunch and made our way into Cooks Forest. Cooks Forest reminded me of a miniature Washington or Northern California. We didn’t last too long in Cooks Forest. I think we were all looking forward to the Jeep ride with my Great Uncle Mike. It was easily the best part of our day. I think we could have sat in that Jeep for hours. It was so fun and so muddy and just a blast. It’s always fun catching up with those guys. They all wanted us to stay the night, but I’m a planner and that wasn’t in the plan. We ended up heading back towards home for dinner and to call it a night.




I love long drives and I don’t mind having to be the one that drives as long as you don’t constantly critique my speed (we averaged 80 mph on the way up.. give or take). The day was needed. It was nice to just be in the car for a few hours talking. Julia just recently got engaged and is literally inspiring with how easy she is making (and fast) the wedding planning process seem. It was an awesome day. I can’t say it enough. My mind needed a day with no cell service and people that keep me calm even when I’m hangry.



I ended the weekend on Sunday with a really good run. I got my best 1 mile time at 8:56.7. This was the first time I had ever gotten below a 9 minute mile. I felt like I was moving pretty fast and it felt good. I felt strong and capable. When my wrist buzzed for that mile and I looked down I could not stop smiling. I smile more during my workouts than I smile in every day life. This little accomplishment meant so much to me. My legs felt great, now I just need to get my breathing right. Why is breathing the hardest part? I’ll get there. After my run I went grocery shopping, meal prepped, did some laundry and relaxed. Sundays are for getting things done. I have a fun week and weekend ahead of me. I get to see so many of my favorite people in one week. I get to see a concert with one of my favorite artists with one of my best friends. I have a trip to Ohio planned for Saturday with some of my family. I have something exciting happening next Sunday. I have Friday scheduled off. Things are good. Things are fun right now. This is the best time of year.


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